What is eSync?

ESync is a multi-platform app that allows interaction between the dj and the audience. It provides a different way of fun for both, dj and public, resulting in a much better experience. 

Our Web app shows the dj 3 lists (free, purchased and oldest) with the most demanded songs. The dj also can select a song of his choice after a round of 3 songs (one from each list). The free list represents the free points (5 per day per mobile app), the purchased list uses the eSync points that you can acquire on the app shop, and the oldest list gives preference to the time you spend your points (no matter quantity or type).




If you have a business

We call them Spots, and there´s no reason for you to not have one. The process is dead easy, as much as sending us some details by email so we can enter them into our database.  

The system


All our apps are FREE to download and use.

Fair and Fun

Ensures a fair selection of songs through all the party meaning more fun for everyone.

Easy to use

All our apps have been developed with simplicity in mind, without leaving attention to detail.

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